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The world of nail art has been a popular topic of discussion for a long time.

We’ve seen a growing number of nail-cutting tutorials and tutorials online.

We have nail art artists and art students around the world who are passionate about nail art.

The art is a wonderful thing to do with your nails and I’ve found it quite enjoyable and enjoyable to create nail art tutorials.

I was able to make a few mistakes in the process and in this tutorial I will share my mistakes.

If you’ve ever tried to create a nail art tutorial, you probably have some of the same mistakes. 

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make some nail art with my 3D printer and then I will explain how to apply the technique to my nails. 

If you are already an artist, this tutorial will teach you how the technique works.

I recommend that you make at least 2 coats of nail polish on each nail and apply the top coat to the top of your nails.

This is because this is the best way to achieve a beautiful finish.

If your nails are very delicate or you are using a high-gloss finish, I recommend using the topcoat to get a better, deeper color. 

Here are the tips I will give you in this nail art:1.

Start off with a clean and dry nail. 

The only thing you want to do is clean your nail with warm water and a damp cloth to remove any dirt.

I do not recommend wiping your nails with the back of a hand towel, this is a bad idea because it will damage your nails, but you should always wipe your nails as gently as possible. 

You will notice that my top coat has some fine lines around the edges and the bottom of my nails are slightly dark. 

Apply the topcoats first, and then the middle coat. 

Use the back and sides of your fingers to gently brush the polish off your fingers, you want the polish to coat your nails without touching them. 

When you are finished, apply the middlecoat. 

Be careful not to wipe the polish down with your hands or your nails will turn a dull black. 


Apply your nails once the top coats are dry. 

I used a sponge to apply my topcoat.

You can also use your finger to apply your first coat.

Apply the topmost coat to your left nail.

Apply the second coat to both sides of the left nail and then apply the third coat to all four sides of both nails.

You will end up with a very thick layer of polish. 


Apply more topcoat on each side of your nail.

I have noticed that the thinner the polish, the more polish you need to apply.

I found that my nail art got really sticky on my left side.

Apply a thinner coat of polish on the left and then use a brush to apply to the right. 


Using a nail gun or a sharp knife, slowly roll out the polish until you have a smooth layer of paint.

You should notice that the polish is starting to look more like a thin layer of pigment. 


Apply both sides with a brush, as shown in the photo above. 

Do not push the polish in too much.

It is important to use a soft brush so that you don’t get any polish stuck to your nails or to the backside of your hands. 


Use a polish remover, or some type of polish removers to remove your polish.

You can use any type of product to remove polish from your nails if you have them on. 7.

After the first coat has dried, you can now apply your second coat with a soft cloth and a dry-brushing cloth. 


You may have noticed in the picture above that the left side of my fingers look slightly red.

This was because my first coat had a red finish.

I started by applying a thick layer to the left hand and then to the center of my nail.

Apply another thick layer on the right hand side.

The thick layer was not enough to get rid of the redness on the center, so I applied a thin coat of black polish to the bottom half of my right hand.

Apply a second thin layer on both sides.

Apply an additional thick coat on both hands.


Apply topcoat, using a damp towel to avoid clogging the brush, to the other side of the nails.

I like to use the towel to apply some more top coat on the other nail side, as I feel the top is very tacky. 


Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you reach your desired thickness.

 If your first coats look a little dull, apply another layer of topcoat and apply a thin, wet coat to each side.

If your first layers are starting to peel off, apply a second thick coat and apply more topcoat to each nail.

I hope this tutorial helped you to get your nails cut to size.

If you have any questions