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Colts coachChuck Pagano, right, and WRT Trent Richardson at practice on Thursday.

Pagano was on the sidelines during practice for the first two weeks.

The two players were on the field for two preseason games.

Pagane said after practice he doesn’t like Richardson because he’s not on the same page with him.

Paganano was at a media conference on Thursday where he talked about how his coaches coaches play against each other.

Pagani said his coaches are like brothers.

Pagans team is a little bit different, he said.

I don’t think Chuck is a great leader.

It’s just a matter of time.

Colts coach Chris Ballard said that he didn’t like how Pagano talked to reporters.

“We’ve got a guy who has a different style, a different way of talking to the media, and I think that’s fine,” Ballard said.

“He’s a good person and I don.t see why that’s a problem.

But I think he has his style.

That’s fine.

He doesn’t get into it.

He’s going to talk about it the way he wants to talk to the press.

I think there’s a little more respect there than I think they’re comfortable with.

And then there’s another team that has a player that we feel like they can coach, they know what they’re doing and they’re good coaches.

That can lead to some friction.”

Colts coach Mike McCoy has also had an adversarial relationship with Pagano.

He said Pagano has an agenda that he wants out of the coaching staff and he can’t compromise with him and that Pagano is always asking questions and trying to make sure everything is right and the things are getting done.

“You can’t be a leader in the NFL if you’re a tyrant, you can’t do it,” McCoy said.

Colts players, coaches and fans are all fans of each other in Indianapolis.

But the two have not been on the best of terms, and there has been some tension between the two over the past few weeks.

Pagana and McCoy have been teammates for several seasons and they played together at the University of Georgia.

Pagankani and McCoy started their careers as running backs at Georgia and went on to play for the Colts.

In 2016, Pagano made the Pro Bowl and McCoy made the Hall of Fame.

Colts fans are divided on the coach.

Some fans support Pagano because he is the guy they can rely on.

Some want to see Pagano fired.

Colts linebacker Robert Mathis, who played for Pagano at Georgia, told reporters Thursday that there is no one more passionate about football than Pagano but the coach can’t control the coach’s actions.

“I don’t know why he’s there and I have never heard anything from Chuck Pagani.

It seems like Chuck is there to be an enforcer and the one who is there is just a distraction, a distraction that is distracting the team from the fact that we are playing better football than anybody else in the league.

The other team is playing better than anybody in the world and Chuck is trying to take credit for it,” Mathis said.


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