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Feds have seized more than half a million pounds worth of piranhines and wildlife from the homes of hundreds of people, and wildlife officials have said that many of the seized items are illegal.

The animals are usually kept in tanks or locked up in garages, but the vast majority are kept in homes or garages.

Many of the homes are not even in the county, which has a population of less than 10,000 people. 

The seizures started with a raid on a property in the Midlands on November 4. 

It is the second time that the UK has been hit by a wildlife raid this year. 

On December 12, the Environment Agency said it had seized more wildlife from homes in the north-west of England than it had in the entire of the last six years. 

The spokesperson said there was no specific target for the raids. “

The majority of these offences occurred at local authorities and we believe that this has been a positive step in tackling the problem of wildlife crime in England and Wales.”

The spokesperson said there was no specific target for the raids.

 The BBC reported that it had been told that the Home Office is preparing to set up a national programme to deal with wildlife crimes. 

But campaigners said the numbers would be dwarfed by the numbers of illegal wildlife trade. 

“This is an enormous waste of resources and a massive injustice,” Dylan Wilson, director of wildlife law charity WWF, told the BBC.

The government is not just focusing on illegal wildlife imports. 

In the last month, it has also ordered the National Grid to set aside a further £10 million for building new homes for wildlife.

According to the BBC, the government’s plan will include the installation of wildlife fencing and more fencing at public places.

But the new homes could also mean the loss of millions of pounds of wildlife and other species, which could be destroyed if the fence fails.

Many of the animals seized are illegal, so their removal is highly controversial.

Last year, a group of people from the Midlands were arrested after they tried to take part in a wildlife rescue in the countryside, but were stopped by police who said they were trying to “kill” the animals.

In response, the group set up wildlife rescue centres across the UK.


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