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Kink and Circle are still struggling to find a way to keep their websites and mobile apps online and operating without a steady revenue stream.

In December, Circle CEO Nick O’Hara told a conference that the company was in the early stages of growth, but the numbers didn’t quite add up.

It’s now down to a couple of hundred thousand customers, he said, which is “about half the revenue we had last year”.

At the time, Kink CEO Scott Johnson told The Irish Sun that Circle was struggling to make enough money to keep the sites up and running.

“We are currently running a couple hundred thousand users, and the revenue has not really been there for a couple years,” he said.

Mr Johnson says the company has seen a “saturation” of users and revenues in recent months, but that the number of people using its services is still growing.

He said it’s difficult to keep up with demand for its services, and there are “many reasons” why the company is struggling to keep going.

“The thing about the growth is that it’s driven by users who want to have a little more of the experience and the experience they want to experience,” he told The Sun.

“And as you grow you’ll see more and more of those users want to interact with your service, and that is what we’re struggling to do.”

He said the growth was also driven by the fact that people are finding the sites easier to navigate and use.

“You can find a lot of really nice features to enhance your experience.

You don’t have to worry about getting a site installed, and you don’t need to pay for any additional permissions,” he added.

Kink’s recent history has been plagued by problems.

It was recently taken over by a new owner, which took over the management of the website, but no official plans have been announced for what the company will be doing with the domains.