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CNC, mach3 and mach3 design winners of the annual Industry Innovation Awards are being honored with the company’s CNC Design Award at the World Trade Center in New York City, marking the third consecutive year that the company has won the award.

Titan of Cnc design, one of the top three winning CNC designs in the world, won the CNC Engineering Award at last year’s awards ceremony for its Mach3 design.

The company also won the Industry Innovation Award at this year’s event, where it was presented with the C-TECH Award.

The award is given to the company that demonstrates an innovative and high-performance design that exceeds the industry’s expectations and is a key element in the business strategy of the company.

It is a recognition for the company and a recognition of its leadership in this field.

The awards ceremony is hosted by the Institute for Defense Analyses, which is an independent federal research institute.

The CNC Technology Award was first presented at the 2012 event, which was attended by President Barack Obama and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter.

The World Trade Centre is the first building in the United States to be constructed using CNC technology.

The event is a showcase for the companies that make CNC products, with representatives from all four categories.

The winners of last year were awarded a total of $1.6 million, which they donated to the New York chapter of the Mach3 Alliance.

The Mach3 alliance, which includes companies such as AeroVironment, CNC Systems Inc., CNC Tools and CNC Industries Inc., has been at the forefront of C-Mach 3 technology, as well as the development of C3D printing technologies.

The mach3 alliance was founded in 2013 by CNC tools company X-Mach, which also won last year the C3DPY Technology Innovation Award.

The Mach3 program is led by the CSA CNC division of the CCA Group.