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The ball is now at the centre of an argument about whether the best football teams can make a good pass, especially when it comes to a team like Milan or Juventus.

In their recent Champions League semi-final, the champions Milan were superb at creating chances for their attackers, and the goal-scoring duo of Gonzalo Higuain and Alessandro Florenzi were very good at putting their bodies in front of the ball, as was Juventus.

But when it came to creating chances themselves, Juventus were surprisingly bad.

Their best player at this tournament was only able to create one shot, a deflected shot from inside the penalty area, which ended up being cleared off the line by Alessandro Del Piero.

That goal ended a winning run of seven games in Serie A, and while it might not have been the end of Juventus’s title challenge, it was a setback for a team that had made a good start to the tournament.

However, Milan and Juventus did have a good game.

In the first half, they combined for five chances and produced five shots on goal.

In fact, Juventus had three chances in the first minute, but could only manage one shot on target.

That meant Milan were able to keep their pressure on Juventus and make it difficult for them to get the ball moving, and in the second half, Milan made more chances and generated more shots on target, but Juventus was able to counter-attack and secure their fourth straight win.

In a game that had been dominated by Juventus, it would seem that Milan have become a more balanced and organised team.

But with Juventus being a team who play with more pace and more physicality, it is clear that the difference between them is not just a passing game.

This is a team whose main strength lies in their attacking ability, and who are very strong in defence, particularly with the presence of their midfield duo of Buffon and Gervinho.

Juventus are a very well-organised side, and they have an important task ahead of them in their Champions League semifinal against Real Madrid.

But if they can create chances and score goals from the penalty spot, they could be very dangerous.