STL Models for CNC Professionals

Posted by Wired on Sunday, March 19, 2021 14:10:16Gatton CNC milling machines are turning heads around the world, and they’re also turning some heads at home.

We caught up with Gatton CEO Mike Gannon, who has been busy making millions off his latest product.

Gannon and his team have been making the machines for years, and now they’re trying to turn their profit off them.

The first of Gatton’s machines is the c-series machine, which was made in China.

The machine is a huge, 12-inch machine that can do a lot of different things.

Gatton sells a bunch of different versions, but the main one is the C-10.

It has a built-in 3D printer, and Gatton claims it can produce the parts for about $20,000.

The c-10 is now the top selling model of the machine, and it’s been selling well for years.

Gantz says the c10 is cheaper than the cheaper versions.

“It’s really good.

It’s a bit of a bargain,” Gannon said.

“It’s going to be cheaper in the future, but it’s a little bit more expensive than what I would’ve done.

The price is going to go up in the next few years.”

Gatton is using a $15,000 investment to produce a new machine that has been around for a couple of years.

The company will be using a different method of manufacturing for the next one, so they have a bit more time to refine the design and make sure it’s working right.

The c-12 is a bit smaller and the most expensive of the machines, but Gatton believes it will be the best one.

The next version is the 4-inch model.

It was created by a former employee of Gantz and is being made in Canada.

The company is still making it, and the company says it’s the fastest one on the market.

The machines are made by CNC machining in Germany, and there are a few other models available.

The main differences between the c11 and c12 machines are that they’re designed to be made with 3D printing, and that they are only used for a few specific tasks.

Gottam says the 3D printers are very simple to operate.

“They’re pretty easy to set up, they’re pretty simple to use,” Gatton said.

He also said the machines are cheap.

“A lot of people are going to buy them and say, ‘Wow, I really wanted this, but I never thought about it,'” Gatton added.

“So I think there’s a big demand for these machines, and a big amount of people want them.”

Gantz is using the machine to make some of his own parts, and he’s working on getting a few more of the parts into the market that could be sold.


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