STL Models for CNC Professionals

Lowrider CNC Parts has teamed up with XS Bolt to offer a new Lowrider Combo Series brace.

These bracelets are designed to be worn with the Lowrider Control System (LCS) and the Lowride Precision Control System, which are both included in the Lowriders Lowrider Accessories.

The bracelets feature an aluminum shell with a custom pattern and buckle, and they have a standard CNC-style slot on the inside.

These CNC parts are meant for lowrider and quadcopter builds, and the bracelets have a large number of features.

In addition to the bracelet slot, the brace also has a CNC cutout for the Low Ride Precision Control and the lowrider control system, and an included cable release for quick, easy, and clean removal.

There are two versions of the Low Rider Combo Series.

The first model is the XS Brace with Xs Bolt.

The XS Combo Brace features a solid CNC pattern, and has a metal slot in the back for the mounting plate.

It has a standard 2-pin DIN jack on the top, a 2-foot cable release on the side, and a C-clamp on the back of the bracket.

The second model is a variation of the XBolt Combo Brac.

This bracelets uses a 3-pin, 3-hole hole design, and is designed to mount to the LowRiders control system.

The bracket features a standard 3-way slot on top, and two mounting plates.

The CNC slot on both the top and back of this bracelets allows for quick and easy cable removal.

The 3-foot, 2-inch cable release allows for cable removal with a quick cable tie.

Both bracelets also come with a cable release, and are compatible with the XR-Bolts XS Precision Control Systems.

You can also order the brace and XR Bolt bracelets through The Sport’s online store, but it will cost you.

For more information, check out our Lowrider Reviews.


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