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A lot of people seem to be asking me if I can make a mach2 controller for a Raspberry Pi 2. 

If I can do that I’d love to know if there are any other things that need to be done. 

The pi3 is a pretty powerful system, but there are a few things that would be great for building a mach1 controller on it. 

First off, there’s the Raspberry pi 3b, which is basically the Pi 3 with a lot of extra cores. 

Raspberry Pi 3b is a nice upgrade from the original Raspberry Pi, but it does have a lot more memory. 

This means it needs to have the same amount of RAM, which means it would be a good fit for a mach 2 controller. 

It also has a couple of extra pins, which might make it easier to connect things to a mach 1 controller.

The mach2 is a bit more of a challenge, but the Pi3b has all the pins it needs. 

To do a mach4 you’ll need to use a bit of solder. 

Here’s what you need:Raspberry pi 3B (or Raspberry Pi2b) The pci battailer should come with a raspberry pi 2 (I use a pi3b). 

The power supply should come with a USB to serial converter which I have a couple of. 

You’ll need a 4.5mm usb cable (the cable will be 5mm). 

I’ve a lot of space on the back of the pi3b for the pins. 

I also have a bunch of spare usb cables for the pi3. There are a few things to keep in mind. 

Don’t touch the power supply with a soldering iron at any point. 

When connecting the pi 3b to the pi 3, the power supply will be in the USB port on the controller to allow the  pi to plug into the usb port on the pi. 

Always use a jumper for the pin on the back of the device to make it easier to solder connections. 

Do not connect the GPIO to any other device than the Pi 3.

 Make sure you leave enough space on each of the pins.

 Do  not make a hole in the pi pin because you can easily break it. 

Also make sure you use the right plugging connector. 

And do not forget to remove the pi pin from the Raspberry pi.

I’ve had a lot of success with the pandas from the Raspbian operating system. 

However, if you don’t have the pi and are looking for a way to get a controller on your pi3, the raspbian software can be totally awesome. 

On rpi3.blogspot.com you can get a copy of Rpi3’s controller software. 

For rpbsrc, you can get the source code and binaries and install it on your rpad3.

It is currently free. 

In the future I’ll post some of the things that are needed for a mach3 controller.

I also want to post some tutorials that will help with the mach3 setup. 

As always, thanks for checking this out. 


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