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‘The giant’ is a nickname for the largest cock ever recorded.

The giant cock was found in an engraved wooden box in the UK.

The cock was estimated to be more than four feet long and measured nearly 10 inches across the top and was pierced by an arrow.

The cock was first unearthed in 1783 in a Yorkshire churchyard and was then taken to the UK by Sir Robert Cribbins.

Cribbons son John was later the first man to have his cock measured by the Royal Society.

It took more than 150 years for the cock to be measured, although it is believed to have been between 1.5 and 2 feet long.

It is believed the cock was originally from England and was probably first made in China.

It was sold in 1789 for £50 and was considered by some to be a treasure.

However, in the 1880s the cock became so valuable that Cribbs son John sold it to a dealer who brought it to the United States.

He then travelled to New York to have it appraised by a British engraver, who then sold it for more than £1,000.

The seller of the cock, John Cribbers son, sold the cock for £1.5 million.

Despite its size, the cock is not the largest known in the world, but it is the most valuable.

In 2010, Cribs son, John, was the first person in history to be awarded a statue for his cock.

Cribs first cock was made of wood and was found on a farm in Yorkshire in 1780.

The engravers son bought it for £2.25 and sold it in 1810 to a farmer in Lancashire.

By 1810, Croyb’s son, James Cribbies son, had the cock appraised at £4,500.

A year later, the cocks owner, John Crock, gave it to an American collector who sold it at auction for $3,500 to the American millionaire John Rockefeller.

“It was very difficult to measure,” Cribby’s son James told the BBC.

James said the owner was a “very proud” American collector, and that he believed the owner had taken the cock in a “barking carriage”.

In 1913, the American inventor, Frank Lloyd Wright, also gave his own cock to the public for the first time, at an auction in New York.

John Crock died in 1964.

Sir Robert Cripps son died in 1977, and John Crocker died in 1990.


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