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A new book entitled “Cannabis: The Industry and Politics of Marijuana” by former CIA analyst William Blum, paints a vivid picture of the cannabis industry in Israel, focusing on Israeli politics and policy, both at home and abroad.

The book, which was published on October 7 and is being published by Harvard University Press, is a provocative look at how Israel’s cannabis policy has evolved from a policy driven by “prohibition” in the 1930s, to a market driven by medical marijuana in the 1990s and now to a regulatory system that allows cannabis cultivation and use to flourish.

Blum’s book was published after the Israeli parliament passed the law that allows the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

The law allows only a limited number of individuals to possess marijuana, and it only applies to Jewish Israelis who are at least 21 years old and can prove they are “immune from any disease, including cancer or AIDS,” and are not receiving treatment for it.

It also stipulates that cannabis is to be consumed for medicinal and therapeutic purposes.

This is the first time that Israel has permitted the cultivation and consumption of cannabis in any form, but it is a step up from the “normal” cannabis cultivation in the United States, which allows for limited use of the drug.

Israel’s cannabis industry is estimated to be worth approximately $10 billion annually, and Blum notes that the marijuana industry in the West Bank is estimated at about $400 million annually.

Israel is home to a large population of cannabis users, who are also among the most heavily taxed citizens in the world, with the average tax paid by Israelis is around 8.5 percent.

Blom, a former U.S. Navy intelligence analyst, was an adviser to President Barack Obama from 2013 to 2016, and has been an expert on the Israeli cannabis market for more than 20 years.

He has been a vocal critic of the Israeli government, saying in 2013 that he believed it “has lost its way.”

While Israel’s government is not averse to legalizing marijuana, Blum argues that the current approach to the industry is in violation of international law, including the United Nations’ prohibition of marijuana and its 1967 declaration that the cultivation, sale, and use of cannabis is illegal.

In the book, Blom argues that Israel’s current cannabis policy is a result of the “policy of the status quo,” which was implemented during the first Palestinian intifada (uprising in 2006-07), and the “culture of prohibition” that the government created for its political survival.

Blums book also highlights how Israel has been the main driver of a global “war on drugs” that has resulted in thousands of arrests, and the destruction of hundreds of millions of dollars of economic infrastructure, such as schools, police stations, hospitals, and schools.

Bloms conclusion: The marijuana industry is part of the global drug war.

Israel is also one of the countries that have allowed cannabis to be grown in public, with more than 3 million Israelis being allowed to grow their own marijuana, a figure that has doubled since 2007.

Blume’s book is the latest in a series of books written by prominent academics and former intelligence analysts that are published by the U.K.-based Institute for Policy Studies (IPS).

IPS has also published a number of books critical of Israel’s policy.

In its book, “The Politics of Israel: A History of Marijuana Policy in Israel,” IPS also points out that Israel, which has been on the U, EU, and G7 drug-control lists since 1996, has never had a single case of a person arrested on marijuana charges.

This has been credited by some analysts as an example of Israel not being a “gateway” country to drugs.

Blumen and IPS’s report is the third in the IPS series, and focuses on Israel’s role in the global cannabis market.

The other two books are titled “Coffee, Beer, and Cannabis: A Multicultural Drug Policy in the Middle East” by the American Institute for Research on Middle East Policy (AIR), and “The Israeli Marijuana Industry: From the Drug War to Medical Marijuana” edited by David S. Ben-Gurion.

The “Cannabinia: The History of Israel” series was published by IPS in 2010, and “Caffeine, Beer and Cannabis” is now available at Amazon, B&N, and other online bookstores.


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