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From the outset, Australian investment has been a bit of a mixed bag.

The last time a country produced the world’s biggest ever stock market was in the late 1960s, when a group of investors bought the stock market at $5 a share, or $20 million in today’s dollars.

Australia’s sharemarket peaked at $15.8 billion in 2007.

Australia also got off to a decent start in the technology sector, with a start in telecommunications, then mining and electricity.

The boom in the sector has been less consistent, but in the case of the mining sector, Australia’s growth has been far more rapid than in the US and the UK.

The mining boom has produced a boom in mining and mining infrastructure.

But the mining boom itself has also produced a lot of new jobs, both at the top of the pay scale and at the bottom.

So the current mining boom is a mixed blessing.

The current mining sector has produced some of the highest average pay rates in the world.

It’s also seen a large rise in the number of people out of work for longer than two years.

But mining is also facing its biggest challenge yet: the rising cost of mining.

As the number and size of mines increase, so too does the cost of running them.

Australia has been on the cutting edge of the world as a mining economy.

It started off as a gold rush that was powered by cheap oil and a booming gold mining industry.

But in recent decades, the world has seen a massive growth in the amount of gold and minerals in the ground and in the oceans, and Australia has lagged behind.

In 2014, Australia produced more gold and more gold-mining-related mining than the US, the UK and China combined.

Australia is also producing more than twice as much iron ore as the US.

But that’s not the only way Australia is faring.

The average income for a miner in 2014 was $1.65m a year, more than double the average for Australia’s workers, and a lot higher than the OECD average of $1,200 a year.

And mining is by far the biggest employer of Australians in the mining industry, according to the Bureau of Statistics.

In 2012, the average Australian miner earned $6.2 million a year in wages, and the top-paid was a mining executive with more than $6 million in compensation.

The government’s mining boom in Australia has also been accompanied by a boom of new mining investment.

A large part of that investment is coming from foreign investors.

In 2013, the number two mining company, the South Australian company CMC, raised $1 billion from investors in China and India.

That followed a year of growth in China.

It is also in the midst of an ambitious plan to spend $2 billion on a second Perth mine.

In September, CMC announced it had signed an agreement with the government to acquire 20 per cent of the company’s shares for a combined $9.5 billion.

This is significant because the deal will allow CMC to use its existing Perth operations to boost its mining operations and provide the company with the capital it needs to develop a new mine.

CMC is also seeking to acquire more than 25 per cent stakes in the rest of its assets in Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales.

The Australian Government has been keen to boost investment in Australia’s mining sector.

It has increased its foreign direct investment (FDI) in the last three years by a further $500 million, and by more than 100 per cent.

And last year, it also increased its mining investment in the North-West.

But, despite the government’s efforts to attract more investment in mining, it’s not enough to compensate for the fact that mining has not delivered the expected return on investment.

Mining companies are still paying a high price for that investment, as the Australian Bureau of Industry and Commerce has found.

Australia paid out more than 10 times more in tax on its mining output than it received back.

In the first three months of 2015, mining companies paid an average tax rate of 27.6 per cent on its revenue, up from an average rate of 7.5 per cent a year earlier.

And the mining tax has increased steadily.

But over the same period, mining firms have paid less than 3 per cent in tax in every state and territory, and only in the Northern Territory.

And that’s despite the fact the mining companies have been investing in a number of new projects that have paid dividends over the last year.

The biggest mining companies in the country have been able to use this boom to build up enormous amounts of debt.

They’ve had to pay huge amounts of interest to finance the projects, and they’ve been able buy up lots of properties, and lots of farmland.

As a result, the companies have paid a lot more in interest on the debt than they’ve paid on the projects.

And they’ve also been able use that debt to pay out huge dividends to shareholders.

Australia faces huge challenges when


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