STL Models for CNC Professionals

FREE CNC SOFTWARE, EXOTICS is giving $25k bonus to New York’s City Council, according to a statement from the company’s founders.

The program, which started on March 6, is a partnership between the city’s Public Works Department and FreeCNC.

FreeCnc and the city worked with FreeCnn to launch the program and give out a $10,000 bonus to members.

Free CNC’s CEO, Alex Tabor, said that the program is intended to help encourage the development of the cnc industry.

Freecnn is one of the first cnc makers to start using the technology, Tabor said in the statement.

It’s a great way to promote the city and get people to take part in a program that will help the industry grow, he said.

The council approved the plan last week and Free Cnc is now accepting applications for the bonuses.

The bonus amount will be awarded in a lump sum of $25K to anyone who participates in FreeCNS or FreeCNT, according a statement.

Tabor and the FreeCN founders are also eligible for the $10k bonus.

FreeCs technology, FreeCNN, will be used to make the cnscrews, tools and other accessories that are used in cnc manufacturing.

Free cnc is not a competitor to cnc milling, but it will be competing with them, Tambors company said in a press release.

The city council approved FreeCn’s plan last year to offer incentives to those who make cnc machines for a $50,000 incentive.


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